Hike Leadership

I’m a past Education Chair of the SEM (Southeastern Mass) Chapter of AMC. As such I love to help develop new Leaders. If you are on my hikes, frequently you’ll hear me talking about Leadership Training, especially in the months before such training is offered. I believe (almost) everyone should take Leadership Training. At a minimum taking Leadership Training helps make knowledgeable, understanding participants. And in most cases the participants come to realize that, yes, they are competent to become AMC Leaders, it really isn’t all that hard. 🙂

For instance, many feel they aren’t that good at finding their way around, so shouldn’t become Leaders. Actually A) Most people do know their way around a few places, and b) Knowing your way around isn’t a big part of being a Leader. So, without hesitation, I push participants to become Local Leaders and lead a couple hikes a year at some local place they do know their way around. As I tell them, AMC is a ‘club’, not a paid tour guide service. If they want hikes to go on, help out by offering a few for others to go on too.

The AMC Leadership Training is very good at ‘philosophy.’ And at some of the ‘big picture’ items. Where I feel it it falls short is in the hands on, step by step, instructions a new Leader needs to from LT Grad to Leader. Attached are some handout I have created in the past for grads I’ve worked with. The set published here is specifically geared toward LT grads wanting to become Leaders for the “Boston Local Walks & HIkes” Committee. (Each Chapter, and committee have slightly different rules. But most of this applies, at least generally, to other committees and chapters.)