I’ve been hiking since 1968. I started hiking the NH 4k peaks back then, and did them during 1968 + 1969. Since then I’ve done them a couple more times, and recently realized I had done all except Waumbek as part of a backpack trip. Well that had to be remedied, so this spring we backpacked Waumbek. If you have backpacked all of them, contact me! We are a small group, and it would be nice to learn about each other

I’m also, since c.2000 an AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) Hike Leader. I lead for the SEM (Southeastern Mass) and Boston Chapters. I’ve led everything from easy nature walks, to Trail Tracing at the Blue Hills, to day trips and backpacks in NH, year round.

Right now the majority of my hiking is with the Boston Local Walks & Hikes Committee of the AMC Boston Chapter. We hike every Wednesday and Saturday, typically 10 – 2. And some other days too. If you are interested in hiking with us see: https://activities.outdoors.org/search/?mode=cal&grp=2

Currently I’m starting a new Series “Hikes for Everyone” and am just starting another series, called “Hiking & History.” I’m also involved in leading the Winter Trail Trace the Blue Hills (Wed & Sat) series again this winter.

I also like to lead Trailwork trips, for a sample of what those are like, see: https://youtu.be/9ytp7gU55DY