Hiking & History

Ok, we are hikers and we like to hike. But I like to learn about history, and the history of the places I hike. I love finding the answers to questions like “Why is this well here, out in the woods?” or “Why is there a spring beside the road here in the woods?” [Spoiler alert: It’s the Eustis well, and it supplied water to the Eustis estate, now preserved by Historic New England; and that spring is Pakomet Spring, and it was part of an early roadside rest area, back when automobiles were the new fangled transportation people were starting to use.]

So, my hope is develop a series of “Hiking & History” hikes. I will run these as AMC hikes, however I’ll also publish the history information, maps, etc. here, so anyone can go and explore these places. (And other Leaders can then use these resources to lead hikes to these places too. I can’t lead all the hikes!)

The Blue Hills History series of articles. These were written when Covid shut down my weekly Tuesday hikes at the Blue Hills. I wanted a way to keep the participants engaged while we couldn’t hike ‘for a few weeks.’ Well, I wrote quite a few before I ran out of topics. You can read them here.